Just for you, some of the French Pezon & Michel / Gunki team have agreed to tell you how they made the first day of the season, one to remember!

Damien: To G’Bump or not to G’Bump!

To G’Bump of course! This lure is already one of my utmost favourites. If the fish are not biting properly, I add a treble under the lure, this can be just the trick to get that fish in the boat!


David P: Cast a Gigan 65 & start a party!

There are some days when the fish just won’t bite, no problem, that’s the time to tie on a Gunki Gigan 65 F crankbait and its internal sound system will get that party started!


Xavier: The winning combo, a G’Bump & a Fix‘Flash

When the vibrations of your soft bait aren’t sufficient, just add a Gunki Fix’Flash blade and let the magic work, the fish just love it!


Mitch: not only catfish love lures!

Even though I usually fish underwater monsters, every now and then I like to fish with lighter gear. Well only if I still get that adrenaline fix and for that asp deliver every time! The White Flash Gamera 65 is the lure that gets the job done even when it’s pouring with rain!


David B: Slowly, slowly swims the G’Bump

As for every first time, the secret is to take your time and the first day of the season is no exception! A G’Bump + a Fix’Flash blade combo is just perfect for ultra slow animations that will get even the laziest fish to react!


François:  Gunki Roller Gun, the one and only!

The Roller Gun is without contest my favourite lure for pike fishing. If the fish are a little shy on taking your lure, just try a different colour and watch as it is completely inhaled on the next cast!


Sylvain: Small lure, big fish!

Ok the 5’1 Gunki Grubby Shad looks tiny in the cavernous mouth of a catfish, but the strength of the vibrations it produces and the amount of water it shifts, really doesn’t make size matter!


Tight Lines

Team France Gunki - Pezon & Michel