As a professional fishing guide I am always in search of ‘the all-round rod’, as capable of fishing fast flowing mountain rivers as the vast Leman Lake, and the top notch Pezon & Michel Shigeki series’ of rods is exactly that!!! Fishing mainly for trout in fast flowing rivers and deep water drop-shot style for predatory fish, the 3-12gr ML version is just perfect. It is as at ease when using weightless techniques as it is for cast retrieve downsizing style. Look no more, this is THE rod for light weight fishing.

Offering a phenomenally sensitive, light and smooth fishing experience, the slightest bite or knock on an obstacle instantly rings in your hand. Its feather weight, progressive taper and pin point balance, will enable you to fish all day in optimal conditions. Lightweight action but with the power to tame the most insane rushes of an angry river trout even on a 3lbs test nylon, this rod is simply a work of art.

It is with total confidence that, every day, I put this rod in the hands of my clients, novices and experts alike, whether using nylon or braid, this rod gives them all the info necessary on what is happening under the surface. 

So, if like me, you are looking for a multi-purpose, all-round and an unbeatable ‘value for money’ rod, then look no more and let the Gunki Shigeki ML work its spell!
Ludovic Briet, Professional fishing guide,
Pro Team Pezon & Michel
Mouches Devaux - SIMMS


Photo 1: The Shigeki’s distinguished no nonsense design.

Photo 2: A trout caught with the 3-12gr ML rod on 4lbs test nylon.

Photo 3: Deep water (28m) perch caught drop-shotting on the Shigeki.