September was the perfect time to go and try and catch a few "Baby tarpon", from the info that I had gathered, this was one of the best periods to go and fish for them in Guadalupe. I had also been told that the most productive technique was sight fishing with soft lures rigged on light jig heads, now that's just the type of action I love!

The ideal lure for this type of fishing is the 8cm Gunki Roller Gun in the Fera colour, rigged on a 5gr G'Slide mat natural jig head. A 0.60 Hard Mono leader to resist their abrasive teeth paired with my trusted Gunki FV Salt Water reels spooled in 0.14 braid and I was set to match their insane rushes and crazy habit to spend more time in the air than in the water once hooked!

Once on the water, you need to spot the fish that "roll" on the surface and cast straight at them. You can also, using a pole to propel and guide the boat, fish the margins and the mangrove like you would do when fishing for perch or pike.

That great thing about fishing like this, water conditions permitting, is that you can actually see the fish take the lure: adrenaline rush guaranteed!

What is great, is that with this little silver devils, you just never know when they are going to launch themselves into outer space and spit the lure straight back at you! Every now and then, the adrenaline metre goes skyhigh when a shark beats the tarpon to the Roller Gun and then all you can do is to hold tight and pray!

A memorable week spent in breath taking scenery and meeting some really fantastic people, so stay tuned, as I am working on a new guiding project: "fishing for baby tarpon" available this winter (2015-2016)!

See you soon

Vincent de bruyne

Le Moulin de Sauvage