The 2014 season is well under way and it is time to tell you about some of the new Gunki lures that have already caught me quite a few fish! It is one thing to see during fishing conventions and shows and test the protos, but the real test can only be done on the water with the final version. So just for you Gunki aficionados, here is my start of seasons’ “must haves”.

The Grubby Shad: Not really a surprise as this lure during its testing in 2013 was an absolute fish killer. Its shape, crazy kicking action, insane rolling and the enormous volume of water it moves, all add up to make one of the best lures we have developed so far. As quite often at the beginning of the season the fish are after a high frequency action and for that the 10cm model is perfect. This model, in my 3 choice colors, White Roach, Green Ayu and Smelt, is already guilty for catching a lot of big pike. I rig them on the 8 gr G’Round jig head for the shallows or the 10 and 12gr G’Fish jig head for deeper waters, combined with a stop & go style retrieve and controlled descend, is the perfect technique to get the fish in the boat.

The Itoka 210S: At long last a real big swimbait in the Gunki range! The wait was worth it, this lure gets even the laziest fish moving. I remember a session when I got over 15 fish when the friend I was fishing with didn’t see a single scale or fin and, he was using major swimbait references. When I get followers, the best way to get them to bite with this lure, is to use it with a steady retrieve, stop, accelerate and stop again. A jerk or 2 to create an erratic swimming action and the next thing will be your rod bending and reel signing! As with the rest of the Gunki Pike Addict hard bait range my 2 favorite colors are Metallic Perch and Orange Tiger.

The Magalon 75F: Jérôme Riffaud, Pezon and Michels’ head designer, knowing I love to fish asps with topwater lures, asked me to work on a small stickbait. The Megalon 75F with its thin body, clear sound and missile casting capacities was born! Even the spookiest asps of Strasbourg really smash it. So far the Tiger Wakasagi has really made the cut. Nothing better than a ‘walking the dog’ style retrieve to get the fish exploding through the surface to literally try and kill this lure.

The Grubby Frog: Not that this lure has caught me the most fish so far, but the one that has caught me fish when nothing else seemed to work. If the zone is not too weedy I add a size n°2 treble on the Texan style hook in order to increase my hook-up ratio. Cast, let it sink, retrieve, let it sink… the double tail action will do the rest and will get those finicky fish to bite.

There is also the new silent Gunki Kaiju and the Trout Feel color for sunny days, or the new Gold Mud soft bait color…but that will be for another review.
David, Pro Fishing guide in the North East of France