Spring is here and with one the best times of the year to fish pike on suspending jerkbaits. For this season, and for autumn, two families of lures from the GUNKI range fill my tackle boxes, the GAMERA and the ZIGRA series.

These two series come from the same base of lure, the jerkbait minnows. They have specific characteristics: fish like shape, aero and hydro dynamic shape and a short bill that enables them to fish in less than 1m50 of water.

Well, that is about all they have in common! They may look the same, so you may think that there is no need to have them in your box, but if you take a closer look, you will realise just how complementary and yet different they are. Each one is just perfect for specific spots, I will explain how and why and also how to get the best out of these awesome lures!



This is one of the largest series of the GUNKI catalogue, available in no less than 8 versions, 6 sizes and 2 different densities. With the GAMERA series you can fish anything ranging from trout in fast flowing streams to specimen pike in lakes.

Let me present you my favourite one for pike fishing, the GAMERA 128 SP.

The GAMERA 128 SP, a pike killer.

The GAMERA 128 SP has a round section which gives it an impressive rolling action. It is suspending, which is a real plus to get pike to react when you stop it just next to their hiding spot. I really like to use to fish just above thick weed beds. I use it with two different animations, firstly, with long pulls followed by a pause, this is really great to get non active fish to bite. It imitates a prey swimming away from something, then stopping as if all is ok, and that is just when the pike will hammer it! Secondly, I like to fish it, reelin in with a twiching action and again, with regular pauses. This type of animation is great to cover larger areas and find active fish.



New to the GUNKI range for 2017, the GAMERA SLIM is available in 2 sizes, 110mm and 128mm. Similar shape to the GAMERA, the slim version, thanks to its perfect balancing is just pure magic. Perfectly suspending, this lure has been designed to fish micro spots. An opening in a weed bed, in between branches... the GAMERA SLIM can literally be fished on spot. Just give it a little twitch and it will flip from right to left, hardly moving forward. It is THE lure to insist on prime spots and get educated fish to attack!

The GAMERA SLIM, magic for "on spot" animations.



The 130 and 150mm ZIGRA have a flat profile which enables them to withstand ultra violent jerking action without losing control and to move considerable volumes of water. It's a floating version which is just perfect to fish shallow weedy spots. I love to use right up close to obstacles in order to trigger reflex attacks.

The ZIGRA, perfect for hardcore jerking animations.

This is really the lure I use when the fish only respond to violent style animations. I will jerk it as hard as possible, mark a short pause, and then start jerking again. When the pike hits it, hold on tight, as they never take it softly on this style of animation!

Jerkbait minnows = adrenaline packed fishing action!

I hope I have convinced you to give these lures a try and in any case, if you catch a nice fish with our gear and share it on the Facebook Gunki Group and Pages. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook : www.facebook.com