Do you want to try and catch a big, a really big perch? Well, in that case, the end of the year is the ideal time to target them. Forget finesse rigs it is time to use specimen gear and tie on a GUNKI KAIJU BLADE, the big perch nightmare!

You said "pizza"?

At this time of year they respond well to a large variety of lures, but there is one that is really way above the rest, the Gunki Kaiju Blade. This little lure may not look much, but believe me, its powerful vibrations have saved the day more than once and enabled many of my clients to blow their long standing PB sky high!

A few PBs that are going to be hard to beat !

This blade is perfect for covering large volumes of water and the 3 fixing points on its back enable you to change its action in less time than it takes to say it. The most forward one is ideal for "power style" high speed mid water applications. I use the middle one to fish rapidly shallower spots or for slower deeper retrieves. The last one is to be used when fishing vertically under the boat with an "up & down" style animation. This little gem in available in 3 sizes, 29 mm, 43 mm and 55 mm, just what you need to face conditions all year round.

The Kaiju Blade and its 3 fixing points.

Often perch fishing rhymes with light gear and in most cases it is true and  is how I mainly fish for this magnificent predator. When fishing like that, I love to use soft lures like the PEPS or the JUNGLE. But now is the time of year when the big, really big ones are active and you need to opt for heavier gear. 

You need the right fishing gear to get one of these beauties in the boat !

As you have guessed, no need for finesse gear ! What is more, where I fish, there is a good stock of pike whom also love the Kaiju Blade. Not to worry though, the IRON T S-228 M rod, an intermediate terminal leader of 0.35 mm and a terminal leader of 0.6-7mm will do the trick. What about perch's legendary wariness? Sure, but as we are fishing "reaction style" we don't give the fish a chance to analyse what is happening. Fish hard and fast and they will bite. Catching specimen perch is fun, but being able to land the nice pike or two, is even better!

Not the species my Kaiju Blade was intended for, but I am not going to complain.

The Kaiju Blade is my favourite big perch lure, so if you haven't already tried it, give a go, you will not be disappointed!

Just in case you had missed this video, check it out, it is a live from Kanalgratis with Frédéric Julian, Johan Ruhe and myself where the Kaiju Blade enabled us to catch a few fish.

Vincent de Bruyne, Fishing Guide

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