Each year, the Gunki hard lure range for trout grows. In 2018, there is now one for almost any situation you can come across when targeting wild river trout. The different models have been designed for specific situations that I will explain in this article.


No matter how small, they can be fished with minnow style hard lures. All you need is precision and a bit of skill! In these tight spots, the lure needs to start swimming instantly. Thanks to its impressive wobbling action, the Gamera 39 F, pushes water as soon as it hits the surface. Its ‘tubby’ profile and tuned density makes it a really easy lure to cast despite its tiny size.

When fishing downstream, the HW version is the one to use. Choose a longer rod than normal for optimal stealth when fishing small streams.

The Gamera 39 F, ideal for small steams.


Flats, or steady flowing sections, are often neglected by anglers. This is a mistake as they can hold some very nice fish. The trick is to alternate in-between an upstream and a downstream approach, casting across the river. A hard bait that cuts across the current is easy to spot and to catch for a hungry trout. The Gamera 50 SP, with its specific ‘wobb’n roll’ action, is perfect for this style of presentation. The trick is to cast, let the flow of the water create a loop in your line then start to retrieve slowly.

The Gamera 50 SP, just the lure for flats.


In these spots, everything goes fast, very fast. The trick is to present the lure at the right depth and the right speed. At the start of the season, you need to fish deep and as slow as possible. This is what the Gamera 50 and 63 HW have been made for. Dense and very stable, they are ideal for fast flowing conditions. Cast ¾ downstream and reel in slowly, you can also try working it with small pulls and let the current do the rest.

The Gamera 50 and 60 HW, perfect for rapids.

Hollow banks

On the outside bank of a meander, rocks, branches and the hollowed-out bank are favoured hiding spots for trout. The depth and the snags mean that you need to use a crankbait like the Gigan 39 F. This little ball of a lure dives down to 60 cm and remains very stable despite the current. If you need to go even deeper, then try the D Gigan 39 F. Cast along the bank and reel in slowly. If the bites are slow, try long ‘stops’ near obstacles to get the fish to react.

The Gigan 39 F, when you need to go deep.

For 2018, Gunki has released the Gunki Box Trout Selection: four lures for four different situations you can meet when fishing for trout. The colours have been chosen to cover any light or water conditions. So, just grab a box and go and catch some trout!

The Gunki Box Trout Selection, 4 trout lures in a box.

David Pierron

Fishing Guide in the East of France.

Photos : Ludovic Briet