Regardless of the playground, the S-288 M/MH rod can handle it. I must admit that ever since I tried it I feel that I have found “THE” rod I was looking for. The GUNKI Street range has been developed and created for street fishing, but is also perfect for fishing from a boat and that is precisely how I use this rod the most!

Its features :

  • Sections : 2
  • Transport length (cm) : 118
  • Length (cm) : 228
  • Weight (g) : 132
  • Test (g) : 5-28
  • Guides : SiC Long Leg & Micro Guides

So why did I adopt the S-228 M/MH ? :                                       

I was looking for a longish, lightweight rod with a reasonable transport length and “all-round” test (5-30gr) that I could use for cast and retrieve applications. Thanks to its length, it’s ideal for working lures with the rod pointing upwards and enables long distance pin point casts. Paired with a size 1500 or 2500 THG FV reel, you will have a la super lightweight, perfectly balanced and smooth combo. For those who like to use braid, I really love the SLIDE-BRAID IRON-T.

Highlights :

The tips design gives it an uncanny likeness to a fencing foil, thin and hyper reactive. Its “ultra-fast” action solid carbon tip is the key feature of this special rod. To be able to remain connected to my lure is what I love when fishing. This unique tip and exceptionally sensitive blank will enable you to feel the slight bite.

How does it cast? Simply outstanding! Its many guides (Long Leg and Micro Guides) provide perfect frictionless casts that never seem to end. Ideal to fish with 5 to 21 gr lures, I admit that I tended to “over cast” when I first tried the rod! It is the tool for casting from a boat of the bank, to long-distance spots when the water is clear and the fish wary.

The tips’ sensitivity and “cushioning” action provide powerful yet progressive long-distance strikes. While playing a fish, the rods action helps counter any tricks your opponent can try even with the thinnest lines.


Have a great 2019 season and if you have any question, just contact me on Facebook.